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Healing Hearts Together

Occupational Therapy with Myofascial Release 

Meet Dawn-Marie

Occupational Therapist

I am an advanced Myofascial Release Therapist and Lymph-edema Specialist, along with having a specialty certification for Children's Yoga and Heart Centered Therapy. As an occupational therapist my training has provided a medical background for physical and psychological conditions; with the main focus of assisting my patients to returning to their highest level of independence in all area of their lives. Treatment has always focused on the priorities and needs of each person. My goal is to empower you to heal what is hurting and out of balance in your life. To combine my knowledge and skills with your knowledge and inner wisdom to reach your healing goals. 

In striving to achieve that beautiful balance of health and well being I enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors whether in the mountains, desert or ocean. Perhaps our paths will meet while hiking, snow shoeing, camping, or just simple star gazing.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Occupational Therapy?

It can help with

Anxiety & Stress

Myfocascial Release Treatment will gently ease your body out of pain & high alert, while calming your nervous system.

Injury Prevention

MFR Treatment will alleviate muscle pain, inflammation, and improve alignment. Lymphatic Massage will improve your immunity & energy levels by clearing toxins from your body & organs.

Women's Health

Customized MFR, Lymphatic Massage, Exercise, & Mindfulness will help balance your body & mind while rejuvenating your spirit. 


A migraine is the result of the body experiencing increased internal pressures. These pressures may be caused by physical restrictions, hormones, chemical imbalances, inflammation or any of those combinations. These restrictions can be released with gentle body work, Myofascial Release Treatment. 


Lymphatic Massage works with your immune system to remove toxins & inflammation in your body while improving it's strength & effectiveness.

Chronic Pain

MFR starts gently at the point of pain & works with your body to release restrictions & start the healing process. More energy, less pain & increased activity tolerance continues as pain reduces. 



Teen Ballet Dancer
Body Work
Reiki Treatment
Myofascial Release
lymphatic image.jpg
Lymphatic Drainage
Reaching Out to the Sun
Therapeutic Exercise
heart sun.JPG
Heart Centered Therapy
Meditation and Breath Work


"Dawn-Marie has an amazing ability to be attuned to what is happening with you in your body and emotionally. I always felt remarkably safe working with her and noticed benefits in my posture, and overall chronic pain almost immediately. I was having headaches up to 3-4 times a week, and noticed an immediate decrease in this. I've also been more aware of how i carry, my emotions in my body and how to approach this in a compassionate and healing way. I've enjoyed working with her, and learning how to be more attuned to my own body. I highly recommend Healing Hearts Together." 

-Christi, S. 

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