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Manual Therapies that gently work with the tissues of the body using specific touch and energy techniques that help your body to resolve physical and emotional injuries such as pain, congestion, inflammation, physical restrictions, edema and anxiety. 

Body Work

This massage works directly with the specific drainage patterns of the body to enhance its performance. The lymphatic system removes the build up of toxins and waste fluid in the body as well as provide important immune cells used in our immune system. When blockages are present, the lymphatic system is unable to move or process this waste fluid out of our bodies and edema, internal inflammation and diseases start to develop

Lymphatic Drainage

A profound entire body approach that applies gentle sustained stretching to the body's tissues to release restrictions that cause pain and disease. The fascia tissue is a powerful connective and communicative tissue found in every cell of the body. When trauma or illness to the body occurs and is unresolved, painful restrictions and tissue energy depletion develops. The release of these physical and emotional restrictions provide the opportunity for complete healing. 

Myofascial Release

Specific exercises are used to support the healing changes within the structure of the tissues when restrictions are released. Exercises focus on stretching, strengthening, restoring, endurance, and stamina physically and mentally. 

Therapeutic Exercise

A gentle healing technique based on specific questions and relaxation that empowers your healing of the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies that are YOU. Through the wisdom and unconditional love of your heart and specific dialogues, traumas are safely identified, transformed, and resolved without reliving the trauma. 

Heart Centered Therapy

Techniques the promote a state of mindfulness and presence to decrease stress, anxiety, and promote a state of calmness and balance. 

Breath techniques address and alleviate anxiety and emotional pain while increasing functional strength, stamina, and energy levels. 

Meditation & Breath Work

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